Where I Find My Food


This year, I am a member of the Rhine Center Vegetable Club.  For more information, visit their website: http://www.rcvcfarm.com/

My Farmer's Markets:

These are my farmer's markets.  They are where you will find me on a Saturday morning:
  1. South Shore Farmer's Market: It's my favorite for three reasons: It's closest to my house, it's got enough to be useful, it's not so crowded I feel like I need to take a shower immediately upon getting home.
  2. Winter Farmer's Market: In the winter you have fewer choices, but there are choices and personally I think this one is the best.  Going by my above criteria: It's not closest to my house, but the market closest to my house does not meet criteria two; it's got enough to be useful; it's usually not so crowded that I feel like I need to take a shower immediately upon getting home - but you'd better get there early.  Or don't.  I prefer to shop alone.
  3. Other good farmer's markets in the Milwaukee area include the West Allis Farmer's Market, the West Bend Farmer's Market, and the Westown Farmer's Market.  It's pretty sweet for being in the middle of down town.
For  a list of all Wisconsin farmer's markets, check out: http://www.farmfreshatlas.org/


You can find local meat at any of the area farmer's markets, as well as Outpost.

Some of my favorite farmers (because they have good product, and because they are all around swell people are:

Salad Greens: 

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  1. I like the term locavore! I hope to be one of these, too.