Monday, June 27, 2011

(My) First Saturday at the South Shore Farmer's Market

This week's Farmer's Market Haul:
  • Garlic Shoots
  • Mini Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes
  • Beets
  • Garlic
  • Red Onions
  • Bread
  • Snap Peas
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken

The South Shore Farmer's Market has consistently been "my" Farmer's Market.  Even in previous years when farmer's markets weren't my main grocery store, I still absolutely adored them.  Fresh food is better and, usually, the farmer's market is cheap.  So, I would go to the South Shore Farmer's Market on Saturdays, because it was just a mile or so from my house and only a block away from my dance troupe director's house - meaning I could pick her up, drive her to Saturday dance class, and earn some suck-up brownie points, which I am a fan of!  Now it's just another stop on the weekly farmer's market circuit (I've got one per day except Friday and Sunday, and two on Saturday!)  The South Shore Farmer's Market has always been a late starter, and actually started two weekends ago when I was in San Francisco.  So this past weekend was my first weekend there.  

The South Shore Market does not, by any means, have the most selection.  I would say that honor goes to the West Allis Farmer's Market.  But, the South Shore Market is a lot smaller, too, and really does have a lot for it's size.  And, it feels very family like.  I know a lot of the farmers there, and am always surprised when they remember me year from year.  Everyone brings their dogs, and - while there's still that farmer's market sense of urgency to get the best things - people seem more laid back. 

It was also the market where I first found my chicken man.  I knew going in on Saturday that it was going to be a bittersweet adventure at the market.  And, no surprise, a new chicken man had taken his place.  Not just in terms of being at the market, but he had literally taken the spot that Farmer Jones used to occupy.  His eggs were $4.50 for a dozen which, frankly, I find to be ridiculous.  Farmer Jones's were $2.50, and the average price is $3.50.  His chicken is $3.00 per pound, which is $0.50 more than Farmer Jones, but is a good price.  I bought one, but I haven't eaten it yet so I can't report on quality.  He was chatty and pleasant, and as long as his chicken is good I am sure I will go back.  But he's no Farmer Jones!

Anyway, I couldn't be too sad, because I got to ride my Vespa to the market and ride home with my brand new basket full of goodies bungeed to the back and a chicken bungeed to the front!

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