Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Halloween Fright!

It's almost Halloween, and I wanted to share something really scary!!!!

Okay, fine.  I made chicken stock and this is some of the stuff that was in the stock draining.  Yes, that is a chicken foot you see!  Chicken feet are great for stock because they're all yummy cartilage.  Plus they're cheap. 

I watched an episode of Chopped the other day where they had chicken feet in their basket, and none of the contestants cut the talons off.  Can you imagine trying to eat one of those babies?  Now that is scary!

One thing that I forgot to mention in my previous post about chicken stock is not to push down on the ingredients while they are draining.  Pour everything through a fine mesh strainer and collect the stock, but don't squeeze the remaining ingredients to get extra juice out of them.  This makes your stock cloudy.  Once I run it through the strainer, I strain it again through a cheese cloth to get out any smaller bits that may have made it through the strainer.

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