Friday, September 2, 2011

B & etc...

If you're household is anything like mine, a BLT does not need to include, or be limited to, B, L, and T.  According to food writer Ed Levine (according to Wikipedia) a BLT does not need to include lettuce.  I have seen them at restaurants with crab cakes, and smoked salmon, and eggs.  It would seem, that the only real important ingredient is the B.  It is a B... and etc.

This is literally a  B & etc.  Bacon (L), Egg (L), Tomato (L*) and Cucumber (L*).  Make sure you use a delicious, crusty bread from a bakery (not the grocery store) and real mayonnaise. 


In my locavore dreams, the Egg is L*.  I really want some chickens.  And I could technically have them... however based on the zoning laws and whatnot, the coop would have to be directly in the middle of my back yard.

And I have a very small back yard.

Dusty wants a chicken...

Why are there no chickens out there?

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