Sunday, September 4, 2011

I never claimed I was that bright...

So, I made a realization today.  It's probably a realization that I should have made when the first spring fruits appeared.  But now, labor day weekend.  Today it is actually cool out.  Like, I want to put on a sweater cool.  And I realize that my winter squash are about ready to pick.  And I realize that means that it is almost winter.  And then I finally realize that I need to prepare.  I started this journey almost 6 months ago, and I've been doing pretty well, but the bounty of the summer seems to have erased March and April from my memory.  There was nothing to eat but meat.  And meat is expensive.

I have a source for greens all year round, but, again, they're expensive.

If I want to survive, as a locavore, and be able to spend money on something other than food, I need to start preparing.

Yeah, I should have made this realization in May.

It says it right on the top of the page: "A person who chooses locally grown foods, often growing their own fruits and vegetables and doing their own canning and pickling."

Canning and Pickling.

Two words I haven't veered into yet.  I have a fear of canning.  I understand how to cook.  I understand that spoiled foods are bad for people, and will make people sick.  I am happy to say that I have never cooked anything (to my knowledge) that caused food poisoning.

But canning?  Canning causes botulism.  And botulism is scary.  I'm not even sure what it is, exactly, but I know for damn sure I don't want it. 

So, I have a book. 

And I have the National Center for Home Food Preservation. 

And I have a will.  I want to make this work. 

Oh, and I have these:

Let's learn something new!  Any advice would be appreciated.

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