Monday, January 16, 2012

Dogs Can Be Local Too

This is an old post.  It's a Christmas post, so it's real late.  I probably have better things to write about, true.  I've got pictures of meals that were pretty darn good, and pretty darn local.  I actually feel like, after almost a year, I'm starting to get the hang of this.  I'm starting to get an idea of what I need to stock up on.  I'm going to be a little more discerning in my canning next year.  There are some things I need less of (random salsas, chutnies, hot peppers, and garnishes), and some things I need more of (straight up tomatoes, tomatillos).  There are also things that I didn't can any of, that I need (fruit, jellies, mild green chillies). 

So things to talk about, yes. 

But right now, fun.

Lets be honest; I feed my dog regular bagged food.  I see the commercials for feeding my dog "real food," and I feel bad for about a second, and then I remember my dog would prefer a dead bird, or something rotting out of the garbage.  Maybe a side of goose poop.  So... yeah, I'm feeding him dog food from a bag.

But I do tend to spend too much money on presents for pets (my pets and other people's pets), so this year, all the pets got home made presents.  They're pets... they didn't know it was Christmas.  They don't know that I'm a month late writing this post.  They know that I'm not feeding them, and they're angry that I'm not feeding them.  So I guess I will feed them. 

And, if I'm making home made dog treats, I guess they have to be local.

Basically I cooked up some carrots, mashed them, mixed them with some cottage cheese and a little bit of mint, and then added flour until it was the consistency of cookie dough.  I rolled it out and cut it into dog treat shapes (bones, little men, and cats)

And then I baked them until crispy, which was about 10 minutes.

And then I fed them to Dusty.  He was happy.  The cats (who are just outside of the edges of this picture) swooped in and got the crumbs. They were also happy.
I'm so good.  I'm so good...

Nom!  Wait.  Do dogs say nom?  All my friends are cats, so I think it's okay...

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