Friday, June 15, 2012

At Your Farmer's Market This Week (6/15)

Headed off to the farmer's market tomorrow?  Don't know what you should be buying?  Here's your weekly "what's in season" update:

  • Leafy greens.  This includes lettuce of all types, spinach, arugula, chard, beet greens, kale, radish greens, etc.  Basically, if it's green and leafy, eat it.   You should be thinking to yourself, MAN, I don't need another salad!
  • Radishes
  • Lettuce and an edible flower!
  • Kohlrabi (if you don't know what to do with Kohlrabi, check out this ACTUAL award winning recipe.

  • Early squash, like patty-pan, yellow, and zucchini (although, these will cost even less in a few weeks when your garden having neighbors will be leaving baskets of zucchini on your front porch)
  • Peas
  • Garlic scapes (the green shoots of garlic)
  • Potatoes (tiny new ones!)
  • Strawberries (if you can find them; it's been dry)
  • This is not an alien egg.  It is a Kohlrabi!
  • Rhubarb
But mostly lettuce!

This is, unsurprisingly, what I got in my CSA box today, which is where the pictures came from.  If you want some produce exactly like this of your very, very own, go visit the Rhine Center Vegetable Club at their booth at the West Town Farmer's Market in Downtown Milwaukee.

Or, head out tomorrow and get yourself some lettuce and other greens of your choice.  Tomorrow is the first day of the South Shore Farmer's Market which, in addition to being one of my favorite farmer's markets, is also my CLOSEST farmer's market, which means it's my most often visited farmer's market.  It's also the only farmer's market thus far which is EMPLOYING me.  Yes, that's right.  Mark your calendars.  On August 11th, at 8:30 I will be "Cooking From the Farmer's Market."  Come visit me and learn how to cook with what's on season.  Or, better yet, come make me feel better about myself by having a crowd.
Farmer Jess says this is what real peas look like! 

Unless you're a creepy stalker type person.  In which case, my demo is on August 18th.

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  1. I plan to be there Kate! (And next week, of course.)

    Actually, we were at the South Shore Market this morning. Strawberries were very scarce although we did get some. One vendor was sold out by the time we went back to them and we had to go to the other one. By now, they're probably out too! And our favorite Farmer's market item - Kettle Corn! (OK, doesn't technically have a season, but still awesome!)

    Didn't get any leafy greens though. I'm not good with leafy greens. :)