Monday, February 20, 2012

I am Such a Nerd

For many reasons.  Not the least of which is my love for Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battle Star Galactica, to name just a few.  That's not the reason tonight, though.  I have to admit that I am legitimately geeked for the MKEFoodie event at Branded tomorrow.  They will be announcing the winner of the Cherryland's best cherry recipe contest.  Apparently, it's sold out, too.  I do not have a speech planned for if I win, however I have been practicing smiling and hugging the winner Miss America style for if I don't win.  Do you think there will be a call for that?  I really hope so.

Strangely, though, I'm almost most excited by the fact that they made the finalist recipes and took pictures of them.  This is what my food would look like if I had a food stylist and photographer:

Surprisingly, this is not that far off.  I used more of a baguette style bun, and my steak is never that pretty, but the slaw looks spot on.

My food.  Professionally made.  Professionally photographed.  I'm freaking out!

On a side note, tomorrow is Paczki day (pronounced Poonchkie).  For those of you who don't live in Wisconsin, Paczki (I believe Paczki is the plural, Paczka is the singular) are polish doughnuts, specifically made for Fat Tuesday.  Now, I don't specifically celebrate Fat Tuesday, as I am not specifically Catholic, but I DO specifically celebrate doughnuts.  I took the day off and spent it deep frying little balls of dough with my mom.  And eating them.  And drinking wine.  Good times.

When I see Paczki in the store or at bakeries, they look like jelly doughnuts, but in my family they've always been unfilled and more like doughnut holes which are then rolled in sugar or (even better) cinnamon sugar.


  1. This is the first time in 9 years that I have not had Packzi on Fat Tuesday. We had a co-worker that ordered them for the team every year. Sadly, she was let go last Sept, so we were Packzi-less today. :( My mouth and tummy are sad, but my diet is doing cartwheels of joy!

    Of course, hers were the filled ones.

    And you being off work explains why I saw you driving in Bay View yesterday around 4pm near the old Trillium studio...

    1. Ha! I was making an "Oil Run" to Outpost. We realized we didn't have enough oil for frying all the packzi...