Friday, May 27, 2011

Was Gibt es dann fur Mittag Essen?

Okay, I have to start out by saying I love looking at the stats for my blog.  It's especially fun to look up the crazy things that people have searched for on Google and ended up on my site.  I hope they weren't disappointed...

One thing that I find very strange, though, is that I regularly have hits from Germany.  It seems like too many to be a worm... so I wonder if there is someone from Germany reading this.  I did take German in High School, but I don't think I know anyone there.  So, I am hoping that, if they are a real person, they will comment on this and let me know who they are.

Here is what I learned in 6 years of Middle and High School German classes (this is a conversation between two people.  Person 1 is in Red, Person 2 is in Blue).  Please forgive my lack of umlauts and terrible German spelling.

Guten Tag.
Guten Tag.
Wie viel uhr ist es?
Shoen zeit fur mittag essen.
Was gibt es dann fur mittag essen?
Wahrscheinliche Bratwursten.

Roughly translated this goes:
What time is it?
About time for lunch.
What's for lunch?
Probably bratwursts. 

Tax payers money hard at work.

Yesterday at work, my co-worker Ebony said something that really hit a nerve.  She said, "I think it's great that you do all this cooking.  I would love to eat better, but I just don't have time for all that."

I think that people who don't cook don't really realize how much time is involved.  Yes, some/most of the recipes that make it onto the blog are at least slightly fancy.  But that's not what I eat every day!  I am eating locally every day, and every day for lunch (less breakfast... because I like cereal... but I'll work on that).  The boring/quick stuff doesn't make it on to the blog because I assume people don't need a recipe and can figure it out on their own.  I think I assume wrong, though.  I'm lucky.  I like to cook, and I realize that things go together.  I was brought up around real food.  But if you're not that lucky, you may not realize that eating healthy can take only a few minutes more than a long drive through line.  And it's cheaper.  And you feel better.

So, instead of neglecting those recipes that were born out of me throwing together whatever is in my fridge, which I assume no one wants to hear about, I will save them and publish them together in a bigger post.  I will also start to try to include how long things took.

Today's dinner is one of the easy ones:

BEST sandwiches: (Like a BLT only, as the name would imply, better!)
Makes 2 sandwiches.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

  • 4-6 slices bacon (L)
  • 2 eggs (L)
  • 1 bunch spinach, washed (L)
  • 1 large tomato (L)
  • 4 slices bread (L)
  • Mayo
Fry up bacon in a frying pan until crisp.  Cut tomatoes, and remove spinach leaves from stems.  Toast bread lightly, and add mayo to your taste (I added salt, pepper, and chives).  When the bacon is just done, fry up the eggs to your taste (I like scalding hot bacon, and runny eggs, so this needs to be well timed for me.  If you like your eggs well done, or if you don't mind your bacon a little cooler, this will be an easier task).  I personally like my sandwich to go (from bottom to top) bacon, egg, tomato (seasoned with salt and pepper), and spinach.  But I'm not the sandwich police so make it however you want!

Oh, and my intro wasn't complete nonsense.  Another thing I've been asked is what I eat for lunch:  Probably bratwursts.  Well, more likely sausage... Milwaukee is the home of cheese and sausage, so lunch for me tends to be some sort of sausage, some cheese, some bread, and a hard boiled egg.  Or yesterday's dinner leftovers.  But I don't know how to say leftovers in German.

Mystery German friend, can you tell me?

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